Jeane Eddy

The WMNR family was saddened to learn that longtime broadcaster Jeane Eddy passed away in late January 2018. She joined WMNR in 2000 and was on air until summer of 2016. Even after she was no longer able to come to the station, we continued to air her recorded programs given their warmth and quality.

As a current staff member says "It was a pleasure to know her, to watch her broadcast and realize how much she enjoyed sharing favorite pieces with listeners, to see the preparation that went into each of her shows, to hear stories about her travels and fascinating life, to enjoy her engaging smile and wonderful conversation, to appreciate her superb taste and talents, and to always learn something new.  She touched many hearts over the years, and one of them is mine." Adds broadcaster Garrett Stack "Jean was a treasure. A world class lady in every sense of the word. We are so lucky to have had her in our family for many years."

When people first met Jeane Eddy they know at once, by her elegant and impeccable appearance, that her profession was fashion. Jeane spent most of her career designing couture for many prominent society women, including Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Following engagements with such high fashion retailers as Lord & Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bonwit Teller, Jeane started her own independent business in 1973.

In addition to artistic hobbies such as painting and gardening, music played an important role in her life. Jeane was a piano player and came to WMNR with a long history of exposure, both here and abroad, to the very best in musical performances.

A Chance Encounter with a Legend by Jeane Eddy

A confluence of events brought wonderful memories of a chance meeting with one of the outstanding talents of the 20th Century. I speak of Mr. Noël Coward. His talents are myriad. Playright, Actor, Composer, Author, Director, Singer and Painter.

Back in the fifties, I was in Paris viewing the Couture Collections for Lord and Taylor and had dinner with an American designer friend living there. We played catch-up and I mentioned that I was about to make my first visit to Jamaica when I returned to the U.S. My friend surprisingly said, “Oh, my friend Noël Coward has a house there. Would you like to meet him?” Of course I enthused. Whereupon I was given a sealed letter to Mr. Coward to send when I reached Montego Bay. Image my thrill when I received an invitation to tea at Blue Harbor, his home situated between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.

This was a glamorous time. Just outside of my hotel, The Casa Blanca, was Doctor’s Cave, a swimming area in which one could often see Bea Lillie with her traditional scull cap and Ivor Novello and friends enjoying themselves.

The next day a new friend offered to drive to Blue Harbor where we had tea with Noël Coward and his companion, Graham Payn. He couldn’t have been nicer. It was very obvious how much he loved Jamaica. He painted many scenes there which can be viewed in a book called “Out in the Midday Sun.” They are quite extraordinary. His wit and sense of humor were a delight. At one point he said “You are sitting right where the Queen Mum sat”. They were great friends. Years later at Noël Coward’s memorial service, when Graham thanked her for attending she simply said, “I came because he was my friend.”

Now fast forward to a number of years later in N.Y.C. when I was an executive at Saks 5th Avenue. My boss, another buyer and I were walking up Madison Avenue and as we approached L’Aigion, a very with it restaurant at the time, my boss said “Lets stop here for lunch”, which we did. In order to get to the tables in back it was necessary to pass by several banquettes. There, at one facing us as we came in, was Noël Coward with some friends. He looked up and, wreathed in smiles, stood with his hand out and said. “It’s so nice to see you again”. I was thrilled and astounded after all this time and of course went right along shaking his hand and replying, “It’s so nice to see you again, too.” Needless to say, he made my day. What a charmer!

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