Gary Gerard


Gary Gerard enjoys the complete freedom WMNR allows him in selecting the music for his shows because it lets him explore his eclectic musical tastes.

Gary's involvement with music began when he became a member of the choir in high school. He started listening to classical music seriously in college. Over the years, he has developed an interest in opera as well as jazz, folk, bluegrass and 'old timey' music.

The WMNR library meets his constant need to discover and learn about music. Gary says, "The music library at WMNR offers endless surprises. Every week I randomly pick a shelf and find something new. I never know where it will lead. I remember programming an hour that went from an African dance to a Mozart aria followed by Flemish folk songs, American ballet music and concluded with a French string quartet."

When he's not preparing programs or appearing on air, Gary spends time on commercial voice over and narration work, but he is primarily involved in marketing. His consulting work focuses on strategic marketing and communications, branding, advertising and web site analysis and redesign. He has held senior marketing positions with Deloitte and Boston Consulting Group and worked with several law firms. Earlier, he had experience in TV and radio, working on stations in upstate New York where he attended Ithaca College and Cornell University. 

Gary came to WMNR Fine Arts Radio in 2003. He was at a transition point in his career and had more time to read and to listen to music. He was living in Wilton at the time. He discovered the radio station, knew the broadcasters were volunteers, gave Jane Stadler a call at the station and after working through the demo process, became a host himself.

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