Theater Review - The Anarchist (NY)

“The Anarchist,” a new play by David Mamet is  a 70 minute most boring, repetitive conversation between a revolutionary, Cathy, and Ann, an employee of the state prison board. Cathy who, 35 years ago, killed two police officers and a woman has been in prison all these years and wants out to see her dying dad and be forgiven by him.  She claims she has found God, and although Jewish, has also come to terms with Jesus Christ. Ann sees no redemption in Cathy; she has committed murder and the families left to grieve will never let her go.


As Cathy, Patti Lupone, in a grey pony tail and wrinkled linen pants suit, speaks loudly and clearly and tries to put some meaning into what she is saying. Ann, in a neat navy blue pants suit, is played by Debra Winger statically.


By any definition this is not a play.  How it got to Broadway I do not know. It is closing. Not soon enough. 

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