Theater Review - Potted Potter (NY)

“Potted Potter” the Unauthorized Harry Experience, a spoof of the famed Harry Potter series of books and films, is engendering waves of laughter at the Little Shubert Theatre on West 42nd street between 9th and 10th in New York City.


Harry Potter fans will be in seventh heaven during the 70 minutes without intermission. There is lots of audience participation and a lively game of Quidditch!  Folks like me, who have not had time to read Harry Potter books or see the films, will find a great deal to learn and enjoy in this rollicking review written and performed by two hard-working actors: Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner. Directed by Richard Hurst, these two fellows play many roles, wear many wigs, and never stop moving as they actually tell the condensed stories of all seven books. They are so good at what they do thatI have been inspired to read these popular Gothic adventures this summer!


Because I felt out of my element in reviewing “Potted Potter”, I took along experts in the field: my 12 year old granddaughters, Hannah and Charlotte. They, of course, have read every book and seen each film. They know all the beloved characters and expressions, and recommend this fast-paced production. Both felt that some of the characters were treated a little too meanly and took issue with a statement that Harry Potter himself was boring. (I do hate that word!) But we explained that this was satire, English satire.


“Potted Potter” has grown from a five–minute street show in 2005 to this one hour show, touring Edinburgh, England and Australia. In 2012, it was nominated for the Best Entertainment and Family Olivier Award in the UK. That’s the equivalent of our Tony Award.    For all information about “Potted Potter” at the Little Shubert Theatre, you may call Telecharge at 212-239-6200/ or visit

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