Broadcaster Gary Fountain

Gary Fountain has joined the family of WMNR Fine Arts Radio broadcasters on Monday Afternoon Classics from 3:00 to 5:00 pm! He tells us he first discovered WMNR years ago when he was a graduate student, or perhaps at his first teaching job, in Connecticut. Gary resides in Hamden and is a polymath with personal and professional interests in the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop, all forms of performance but particularly opera, cycling and running, visual art, and travel. He describes himself as an avid reader and has published widely on arts and culture.

Gary tells us "I have always found WMNR's programming original, sophisticated, and refreshing, I think because the announcers select their works and WMNR selects engaging, knowledgeable, and passionate announcers who get right down to the business of playing music. WMNR seems to me a station by and for classical music lovers."  He continues "My strongest classical music interests are ensemble instrumental and solo instrumental work and I am particularly interested in new and current musicians and conductors. I'm an 18th, 19th, and 20th (and now 21st) century guy, with a healthy interest in contemporary composers. So, each of my broadcasts will be a combination of time periods, with some even earlier music tossed in here and there. I have broad tastes among composers. I like many for many different reasons. So, the range for each program will be wide historically." Enjoy Gary's enthusiasm and deep knowledge each Monday at 3:00 pm, on air or streaming live at 

35th Anniversary Open House
Thank you to all who attended our 35th Anniversary Open House! We were pleased to meet so many listeners and to renew our friendship with those we'd met before. We hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did!

Listening to Music by Will Duchon
In “Leaves of Grass,” Whitman writes about wandering “in paths untrodden,” where his soul is fed “by tongues aromatic” among the unexplored and unspoiled growth beside a quiet pond. The idea here is about being intentional. It’s about breaking away from the norm and the familiar conformities, and discovering overlooked sources of beauty. With a little imagination, this idea can be applied to our experience of listening to, and broadcasting, music. (article continues here

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Six WMNR broadcasters share their programs on-demand  
Will Duchon of Friday Evening Classics offers some of his programs The Night Café and Words & Music, as does H. William Stine of Turntable for One.  Each of the shows of Garrett Stack, both Broadway Bound and American Jukebox, are available to listeners after they air.  They join Jay Harris who made 19 of his One Great Song programs available. Peter Shimkin has put some of his Evening at the Opera programs up as well.  Haven't yet tried listening yet?  It's simply a recording of a radio program, archived on the internet, available for listening anytime you are online.   

WMNR Annual Report
To find out more about the station, please peruse our four-page WMNR Annual Report by clicking  here .

WMNR's Videos

To celebrate our 30th Anniversary, WMNR Fine Arts Radio produced a video featuring 27 broadcasters and staff. The piece is a loving tribute that gives you an inside look at the people who make up the station. Produced by WMNR’s own H. William Stine, with Associate Producer Megan Stine. To view the video, click the photo.

After H. William Stine and Megan Stine produced the WMNR 30th Anniversary video, they teamed up again for a slightly less serious, but completely accurate, look at our broadcasters. To view the video, click the photo.

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