WMNR's Ron Dudak

It is with a heavy heart that WMNR Fine Arts Radio shares news of the passing of Ron Dudak, longtime broadcaster and friend of WMNR.  Ron passed away in January at the age of 59.   Though he had curtailed his on-air hours of late, Ron supported the station tirelessly in so many ways and formatted playlists for us up until a week before his untimely death.

A pioneering broadcaster, Ron began airing Classical Collage on Sunday nights in 1976, six years before WMNR became a Fine Arts station.  His broadcast was the first regular program of classical music on WMNR.  He was known for featuring unusual and rarely heard works which he enhanced with his smooth, inimitable style and remarkable breadth and depth of knowledge.  So many WMNR staff and listeners have wonderful memories of Ron Dudak.  View them by clicking here

WMNR's Mike Shakinovsky

This month, Mike Shakinovsky of Monday Evening Classics tells listeners how he creates his weekly programs.  "My Monday evening program is compiled in a way that I try to vary the music. Not to have for example, one orchestral piece after the other. Variety is the way... a piano piece, next perhaps something for the violin with orchestra... etc. I also receive quite a few new releases in the mail from the recording companies and broadcast these as appropriate."


Says Mike "The piano is in my blood. My mother was a pianist and a piano teacher, and I heard the sound of the piano before I was born, so when Kurt Anderson, WMNR General Manager, suggested that I produce the series The Great Pianists of the 20th Century many years ago, I loved the idea and did it with a passion. It was lots of fun, especially when I managed to have the pianists visit the station to record the program together."

"One of my most treasured memories is the program that Henry Steinway and I did together at Steinway Hall. Both Henry and Steinway Hall are no more. Henry passed on, and they closed the place on December 14th. Steinway will now be moving to another location in New York City." Great Pianists airs at 8:00 p.m. on Mondays.

"Being an ex-jazz musician, (drums and vibraphone for many years), when the opportunity to produce Just Jazz was offered to me, I was thrilled to bits! I really enjoy the diversity of the various artists, their different styles and sounds that they all produce... even with the same combination of instruments. This too is a lot of fun to arrange, and it is one hundred and eighty degrees away from Monday Evening Classics."  Join Mike for Just Jazz on Saturdays at 11:00 p.m.  In closing, Mike adds "Music is in the blood and as Rachmaninoff said... 'Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music.'" 

WMNR Streaming on Demand

As we've shared in the past, Will Duchon of Friday Evening Classics offers his programs The Night Café and Words & Music to be heard on the internet as streaming on demand, as does H. William Stine of Turntable for One.  This month we're pleased to tell you that Garrett Stack of Broadway Bound and American Jukebox is also archiving his programs after they air and making them available to listeners.  They join Jay Harris who put 19 of his One Great Song programs available. Haven't yet tried listening yet?  It's simply a recording of a radio program, archived on the internet, available for listening anytime you are online.  These three fantastic WMNR broadcasters all stream their programs at Public Radio Exchange, found at prx.org.  

Click on each program below for a direct link


The Night Cafe

Words and Music

Turntable for One

Broadway Bound

American Jukebox

One Great Song

WMNR's Anniversary Video

To celebrate our 30th Anniversary there is a WMNR Fine Arts Radio video featuring 27 broadcasters and staff. It is a loving tribute that gives you an inside look at the people who make up the station. Produced by WMNR’s own H. William Stine, with Associate Producer Megan Stine. To view the video click the photo.  



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